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Top Leaf Kratom is one the largest suppliers of Ayahuasca Brew Kits in California. We specialise in traditional Aya recipes as have been used by the tribes of Peru and the Amazon river for many hundreds (some historians believe thousands) of years. All of the Herbs used in the Ayahuasca Kits are sourced by TL-Kratom and harvested naturally in South America by people local to the lands.

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Located in Bend, Oregon our warehouse is little more than a stone’s throw to California.

Orders put through during business days usually arrive the day after the order. The flight in to Los Angeles is only 2 hours and leaves daily meaning you will never be left waiting for your order
Checkout our “Ayahuasca Testimonial” page to see what previous customers have said about the quality of our sacred herbs and delivery times.

Unlike other sites that have their warehouse in and ship from Europe and Asia Top Leaf Kratom is 100% American owned and operated business. Meaning that our warehouse, staff and products are all located on American soil. So, you will receive your order in the same time it takes to send a letter between cities.

Of course, due to eco system and climate none of the herbal or plant-based medicines/relaxants for sale here on Top Leaf Kratom are grown in the USA. That would be impossible. All of our herbs, leaves, roots, plants and flowers are sourced from people indigenous to South East Asia that continue the practice of gathering rather than farming. This is made possible because in many parts of Asia the Mimosa & Kratom grow in abundance, similar to the areas of the United States where pine and oak trees grow without end.   Our Lotus extracts come from an environmentally sustainable farm in India. Due to the sheer volume of Lotus Flowers needed to produce our highly potent Lotus extracts there is nowhere we are able to sustainably harvest them from a natural setting.

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TL-Kratom is committed to providing residents of California and the entire United States with organically grown, high quality natural medicines, supplements and spiritual enhancers.  It’s our mission to the return the Herbs that grow freely on earth back to it’s people. All of our products come safely and discretely packaged, most ready to use without any preparation.  To ensure that our Ayahuasca brews arrive to you undisturbed in the stated times we send the “Spirit Vine” as a dried substance that needs to be boiled before it can be used as. Don’t worry we have done most of the leg work for you. By assembling a selected combination of herbs from Peru we have been able to drastically cut down the time it takes to prepare Ayahuasca.

In the Amazon the sacred (DMT) Ayahuasca Tea takes many hours to prepare. This is in large part due to the preparation (harvesting, cleaning, cutting, drying, pray ceremony) that is involved in the process. There are many different combinations of Ayahuasca Tea and dried Ayahuasca to be tried for sale on our website. Please read through the description of each Aya Blend carefully. Some are designed to be used by practitioners that have experience in the Aya field and take a little more work & time to bring to completion.

Most of the Ayahuasca blends for sale at TL-Kratom take between 10 – 30 minutes to prepare with only the contents of the parcel + tap water brought to a boil.

For experienced users of Ayahuasca you can check out our stronger and more time intensive recipes right here but please note that even our advanced kits have been designed to be user friendly. Everything you need will arrive in the parcel from Top Leaf Kratom and is designed to be prepared by anyone. We have selected easy to use herbs and prepared them to the point that almost anyone should be able to make them there first time without fail. You do not need to be an expert in Herbology or Plant Based Medicine to prepare any of our brews. If you can bring tea to a boil in a pan or drain vegetables from boiling water there are no steps in any of our kits you will not be able to complete.

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