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Top Leaf Kratom International Delivery Policy

Starting in August 2018 Top Leaf kratom is going to begin shipping Globally. Please read the following information very carefully and always Check the laws in your own country before placing an order.

How much do you charge for international shipping?

Our rates to ship internationally is a flat $50 USD.

Do you Ship to every country?

NO. If we know that a country has outlawed a specific product we will not ship to that country. Please do not place an order if you know the plants you are ordering are illegal.

How will I know what the laws are in my country?

You need to do your own research. You can even reach out anonymously to customs to ask them directly.

If I place an order and you don’t ship my product will I get a refund?

NO. At this time, we are not offering refunds for attempted orders to disallowed countries. We will however give you store credit so you can have the product shipped to a different country or pick a different product. Please send us an email asking if we will ship to your country. We will tell you directly and honestly if we can or can’t ship your desired product to you.

Can you guarantee my order will get through customs?

NO. No company can. Some of our products occupy a legal grey area in a lot of countries so it is up to the discretion of the customs officer whether they confiscate it if it’s found. Other times legal products are confiscated for unlawful reasonS. These things do happen and we make no guarantees.

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

NO. While we do offer this for American shipments that is because less than 0.1% of our American based orders get confiscated. We unfortunately cannot offer you your money back as we have already spent money on the plants and the international shipping.   However, orders rarely get confiscated.

How will I know if you have actually shipped my product?

All shipments come with an international tracking number so you can follow the journey of your product.

Why should I ship from you if you don’t guarantee my product will arrive?

Honestly you should look for supplier in your own country to begin with.  People choose to ship intentional with us still for many reasons. Unlike many companies we offer a tracking number.
Our prices are almost always much cheaper than a supplier in your local county.
Most of our shipments do get through customs as they must be legal in your country for us to ship.

Please carefully do your research and feel free to reach out to our support team for advice. But you need to do you own research and consider if Top Leaf is the best solution to your Spirit Herb needs.