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Kratom FAQ

Are there any other ingredients in your Kratom Capsules?

NO. Our kratom capsules are not mixed or diluted with anything else. They only contain 100% naturally harvested Kratom leaves.

Do other companies add other ingredients to their kratom capsules?

Yes, some do. Some are honest about it and provide information on the product page about the complete contents of the capsules. Some do this for what they claim is an increased or alternative affect. Others simply blend the kratom leaves with leaves easily available in their native country to make the product go further. Do your research carefully before deciding to make a purchase.

What is kratom exactly?

In a nut shell Kratom is a Tree that grows in great abundance in certain areas of South East Asia. It is on a molecular level technically an Opioid.  For more information on the Science of the Kratom and its effects on the human body and mind click the link “The Science Behind Kratom”

How do I know if Kratom is right for me?

Research. We encourage everyone to take in a balanced view of different studies and opinions available online. For legal reason we have to recommend you seek the advice of your doctor or medical professional but be aware that the Doctors that have gone through extensive study much of which ignores alternative/natural medicine in favour of pharmaceutical drugs. Your best option is to arm yourself with as much knowledge as possible and find a trained professional whose balanced opinion you can trust.

Has anyone ever died from Kratom?

Yes. Like any consumable it does have deaths that are associated with it.  Paracetamol and every over the counter drug is the same. When a drug natural or otherwise reaches a large enough population of people there is unfortunately going to be a small minority of hyper sensitive and/or incredibly reckless people.

So it is possible to overdose on Kratom?

Yes. As previously mentioned if you are completely reckless you can overdose. Any 2 of our capsules is usually enough for any person to find relief from pain, stress, anxiety.

How much Kratom would I have to ingest for it to be dangerous?

There is no straight answer to this. How many aspirin would you need to ingest before it became dangerous of fatal? Usually for a healthy adult the quantity would need to be in the dozens. That’s why we recommended taking no more than 1-2 capsules in a 4-6 hour space of time. In addition to this you need to do your own research and consult a medical professional. Kratom is a natural medicine not party drug. For your own sake, be as carful with  natural drug as you would any medicine, natural or otherwise.

Do I need to prepare my body to intake Kratom?

Not really. Unlike Ayahuasca tea that contains DMT and requires a strict diet for days before hand Kratom in any form does not require this amount of preparation. We recommend you do not take it on an empty stomach and that you stay hydrated. You do not have to drink an especially large amount of water and from a wholistic health point of view keeping your body properly hydrated especially if you are unwell, suffering from anxiety or stress is large component in helping regulate and heal your body. People who suffer from consistent headaches are often times simply dehydrated. Everybody is different and the recommended eight glasses of water is not enough for many adults especially if they are intaking large amounts of caffeine, salt & preservatives.

Is kratom only a relaxant?

No, it has many health benefits including but not limited to increased energy, speeding up of the metabolism and increased immunity. For more information on the nutritional value of kratom click the link “Health Benififts of Kratom”

Are there any harmful effects of Kratom?

No. Kratom is a natural and healthy supplement. The only harmful effect is when people decide to abuse the drug. Like anything (but specifically mind altering substances) if you abuse it will become harmful if not to your physical health then to your phycological health.

Is Kratom Legal in the United states of America?

That depends on your state. Alabama, Wisconsin, Vermont, Indiana and Arkansas have banned the natural medicine.

Will You Ship to states where kratom is banned?


What are the typical uses of kratom?

Everyone is different and with all drugs natural or otherwise there is no one size fits all solution. But many users of kratom have found relief from.

Headaches/ Migraines
Physical and phycological Pain

Please consult a medical professional, the above uses for kratom are strictly antidotally mentioned. Top Leaf Kratom provides all information purely for entertainment purposes only and takes no responsibility for the effect on your body/mind after you have consumed the Kratom.

I’m Under 18 can I place an order?


Is kratom safe for me to give someone who is under 18

NO. Kratom is an opioid and is no way suitable for consumption by people whose brain is still developing. Doctors do in rare and short-term cases of extreme pain, a broken leg for example, give children opioids to deal with the immense pain but unless you’re a doctor go with a solid NO

Where can I find more information?

Google is over flowing with valuable information on the subject of Natural Drugs. In regards to Mitragyna speciose capsules we recommend you check out the following website for a more detailed list of the trees benefits.

Click Here for more information