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The popularization of Mitragyna Speciosa (Kratom) in the USA

The Kratom Tree from South East Asia is experiencing a renewed popularity in America today. Driving the most recent bout of fame is in no small part due to the Joe Rogan  discussing the benefits and effects of the Kratom on the human body and mind.

Hamilton Morris

Have you heard of kratom?

Joe Rogan

I’m on it right now

The Kratom Tree of AsiaRogan a long-time advocate of natural drugs and spiritual enhancers has spoken at length in support of DMT (Dimethyltryptamine), Ayahuasca and marijuana as important tools for enhancing the mind and personal growth. Recently his attention has shifted to the growing discussion around Kratom and it’s no surprise he’s an advocate.  But he’s not the only one.

Margret Cho an American stand up comic and actor has publicly talked about using Kratom since the mid 2000’s. Jessy Duke an active MMA fighter is now openly sponsored by “kratom online” and even a United states senator has admitted to using Kratom. Senator Orrin Hatch has talked openly about experimenting with the natural drug. In 2016 when the DEA was trying to fast track a push to get the natural relaxant banned Senator Orrin Hatch and a dozen other senators came out in support of the Kratom’s right to be on market as a natural alterative to prescribed opioids.

Use of Kratom Capsules for medicinal purposes at all-time high.

Cheapest Kratom in the USA

A quick search for Kratom on Google shows more than 3,470,000 results for kratom related articles with the (Mitragyna Speciose) community being incredibly vocal across blogs and popular platforms like Reddit. Thailand where much of the worlds supply of Kratom comes from is considering lifting the 70 year old law banning  Kratom in an attempt to combat the countries ever growing Meth problem. This controversial proposal has of course lead to more coverage of Kratom in the press.

As the public debate rages on between the supports of freedom of Herbal Substances and those who think Kratom is dangerous the natural relaxant only grows in popularity. It seems like every week a new study or exposés is being held into the validity of its medicinal use. Obviously being a “Whole Sale Kratom Distributor” we believe all varieties of the Mitragyna Speciose Trees are safe and healthy for human consumption.

Kratom is an opioid and it is important to be carful and respectful of both the drug and yourself.

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